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Shopping Diaries: Lush Haul!

I discovered Lush while I was in college and ever since I have been hooked! Unfortunately for me, there is no Lush where I live (though Lush associates at 2 different stores told me a Lush store should be opening in Charlotte by the end of the year….but we’ll see about that!). So when I was in Atlanta over the weekend I went to the Lush in Macy’s at Lenox Square and also the free standing Lush store at the Perimeter Mall. I didn’t get a lot, but I did get a few things to supplement my current Lush stash.

For all the info on what I picked up check below the jump. I’d love to hear about your favorite Lush products! I’m always looking for new products to try.

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Shopping Diaries: New Drugstore Stuff July 2012

I’ve been loving the drugstore recently! Rite Aid is having an awesome sale this week on both NYC and Revlon plus I picked up a few things from CVS. Most of it is nail polish but that is certainly not unusual or shocking.

For all the details on what I bought check below the jump!

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Shopping Diaries: Ulta Haul (+ Why You Should Shop the Beauty Aisle at Your Grocery Store)

I’ve been doing a bit of shopping lately. Nothing major, but enough for a post. First of all, I picked up some beauty items during my weekly grocery trip for insanely cheap. My local grocery store is Harris Teeter. They were having a super double coupon week (meaning they double coupons up to $2). The second part of my haul is from Ulta (plus one item from Sephora).

For all my recent purchases check below the jump!

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Shopping Diaries: My Bath & Body Works Semi Annual Haul!

I always get really excited for the Bath and Body Works Semi Annual Sales – but it took a lot of self control not to go yesterday when Alli (check out her haul here) called to tell me they had some of my favorites on sale – especially Wild Honeysuckle. It’s probably my favorite Bath & Body Works scent… ever. I stocked up a few months ago when Wild Honeysuckle popped up on the website – so I decided to get an extra body wash and both of the antibacterial soaps – one for the kitchen, one for the bathroom. Into the Wild is also a favorite – I absolutely love it for summer, and the Body Scrub is amazing. I also got two of my favorite candles to round it all off. I’ll probably be going back, but what do you plan on picking up?

Shopping Diaries: Bath & Body Works Semi Annual Sale!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Bath & Body Works’ semi-annual sale started today and I made sure to visit my favorite BBW as soon as I could today. I was so excited they were bringing back Wild Honeysuckle and Butterfly Flower for the sale, I even tweeted about it when I found out! That’s the only thing I knew I was going to stock up on. I did get some other fun things. All the details of what I got (along with the prices!) are below the jump.

If you have shopped or are planning to shop the semi-annual sale I’d love to hear what you were most excited about!

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Shopping Diaries: Friday Night Ulta Haul

After an absolutely draining work week  – I decided I needed to reward myself with a trip to Ulta! But don’t be fooled, I’ll use almost any excuse to go to Ulta. I was actually going to buy some new perfume, but got distracted and ended up with some other goodies instead!

I’ve been wanting to try the One Bath Fizzers since I picked up their Berry delicious lip balm and loved it. There are few things I love more than a nice relaxing bath – and these both just smelled delicious. You can use one all at once for an extra long luxurious bath – or just use half – how nice!

I had sworn myself off of OPI’s Spider-man collection – but I really couldn’t pass on a Chanel Peridot dupe for $8.50 – plus the name is cute: Just Spotted the Lizard. At my old apartment I used to have lizards just… come inside – I don’t know how they got in but it was really quite ridiculous – I think there were 5 or 6 when it was all said and done…. I’m sure Alli remembers…

And finally – I picked NYX’s The Crimson Amulet Collection palette – it includes 24 eye shadows, 5 blushes, 1 highlighter, 4 lip colors, 1 HD Studio eyeshadow base, and liquid liner – for 24.99. I can’t wait to try it out – and I’m hoping to review the entire Crimson Amulet collection for you soon(-er rather than later…). It’ll be my first make up review – how exciting!

So.. not too shabby for a Friday pick me up, eh? I’ll probably show off the May Julep Maven Box I got the other day later this weekend.But for now it’s time to finish the last few assignments for a class I’ve been taking then it’s relaxation time!

TGIF, Beauties!

Shopping Diaries: Vegas Nail Polish Haul

This isn’t the first time I’ve declared on this lovely blog that I have an awesome brother. He’s semi supportive but doesn’t totally understand my nail polish addiction. None the less, he went to Vegas on business and picked me up some nail polish at H&M! See, Charlotte doesn’t have an H&M. Rumor has it we’re getting one soon but who really knows.

To see all the cool things my brother picked up for me check below the jump!

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