PISTOL polish: May 2013

PISTOL polish May 2013 2Happy May!

I haven’t been doing a monthly PISTOL polish post recently because I more or less find them to be a bit unnecessary considering I review the polishes over on The Daily Varnish anyway. But this month there were a few changes so I thought I’d do a post.

If you’re not familiar with PISTOL polish they provide a monthly nail polish subscription service. Each month, for $17.99, 2 polishes show up on your doorstep.

This is the 4th PISTOL polish duo I’ve received. A few things have changed (and I noticed something new).

First of all, the box the duo arrives in has 2 pistols printed on the outside. As it turns out the pistols match the duo inside. This is not new. I just happened to notice that this month. I thought it was a nice touch.

The packaging of the duos changed this month. Previously the duo’s were in a box like this. I liked the packaging but it was a tad bit bulky. The new packaging is less bulky and easier to deal with. There are pictures of the new packaging below the jump.

The last change has nothing to do with the polishes but with the PISTOL polish website. It has been updated and is now much easier to navigate.

As far as the May duo goes I’m pretty excited! The 2 polishes are called Run the World (I have a really hard time not adding Girls after that…) and Nailed It. Run The World looks to be a lovely silver glitter with some holographic tendencies and Nailed It is a purple jelly. Basically, this duo was made for me!

I am continually impressed with PISTOL polish. All of the nail polishes I have so far are great in terms of quality, application and wear. They always surprise me with some unique colors (like Dean’s List from last month’s duo) along with more traditional yet slightly edgy polishes (like Smoking Gun).

PISTOL polish is a fun company and that personality really shows in their product.

I look forward to reviewing these polishes and can’t wait until next month’s duo arrives!

Below the jump there are photos of the new packaging, color descriptions, etc.

PISTOL polish May 2013 PISTOL polish May 2013 description PISTOL polish May 2013 labels



3 responses to “PISTOL polish: May 2013

  1. The packaging is so cute!!!

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