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The World’s Best Macaroons! (Outside of France…)

It’s a bit obvious by now I’m a nut for about anything French. And one of my favorite French things is their pastries. The first time I had a macaroon in France I became hooked. Unfortunately, finding a good macaroon stateside is next to impossible.

I kept asking around and luckily a friend recommended checking out Amelie’s French Bakery. It’s in a part of Charlotte us natives refer to as NoDa meaning it’s a bit of a drive from where I live. The boy and I decided to play hooky last Friday and head up to NoDa to get some chili (Brook’s chili is the BEST chili in Charlotte…but that’s an entirely different post…) and stop by Amelie’s.

First of all, the inside of Amelie’s is adorable. They have a ton of pastries and they all looked delicious. But most importantly, the macaroons are AMAZING!

If you’re in the Charlotte area and are a French pastry freak like my I highly recommend checking out Amelie’s. You can check out their website here.

Pictures of the delicious macaroons below the jump!

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