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DIY: Cap Toe Shoes

More Spring trends! Thanks to Chanel, cap toe (or French toe) shoes are huge for Spring. I saw them popping up in department store a couple of months ago and even purchased a pair. Then I thought, hey, I can do that! As luck would have it, pointy toe shoes are also big for Spring.

I had a pair of BCBGirls black pointy toe pumps that I hadn’t worn in years. They just looked a bit dated to me, so they were collecting dust on my shoe rack. I decided to use those for my little experiment. I also had a tube of acrylic white paint so I decided to do a white cap toe.

I absolutely love the way these shoes turned out! How to and more pictures below the jump!

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DIY: Necklace Holder & Display

I can be a bit of a do it yourselfer when I put my mind to it. Just recently I’ve built my own nail polish rack as well as a lightbox. The next thing I knew I needed to tackle was jewelry, specifically necklaces. They would always get tangled and I barely even knew what I had.

The inspiration for this necklace holder actually came from a boutique called Jule I used to frequent when I was living in Dayton, Ohio. The boutique was filled with jewelry, some displayed hanging from picture frames. I wanted to do something similar to display my own necklaces.

I went looking in the attic for an old picture frame and found one. It’s a wood frame that is 18 inches by 12 inches (but any size will do). It was kind of grungy looking after being in the attic for who knows how long so I stained it. The stain I used was by the brand Miniwax in the color Ebony. It can be purchased for under $5 at Lowe’s.

After staining the frame I screwed in 15 screw hooks (I used these) with an inch between each hook. I considered putting fabric across the back, but decided against it. Mostly because I don’t really know what direction the room I have this displayed in is going. Likely I will add a fabric backing later, but it is not necessary.

Super simple! And I love the way it looks on the wall. Because I already had a frame, this project cost me less than $8; $5 for the stain, $3 for the hooks. Can’t beat that!

If you want to give this a try yourself the most important thing to remember is the frame MUST be wood, otherwise you can’t screw the hooks into the frame. There are alot of frames made out of plastic nowadays.