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Painting class? Sure, why not?

Let me start off by saying I’m the least artistic person on the planet, I can’t draw, I can barely color in the lines – just kidding….you get the point. I’d heard of a new place in my hometown called Spirited Art – my sister had been a few times and as my summer vacation wrapped up I decided I’d give it a shot. I’m all about trying new things right now!

Each class costs around $35, you can walk in or register online. This includes all if the materials you’ll need, a fun relaxed atmosphere, and instruction from a knowledgeable helpful artist. Everyone paints the same painting unless it’s an open studio day.

It’s not called Spirited Art by chance….many people choose to drink wine while painting – perfect combination! It was a great way to catch with friends while doing something fun and new. I think it’d be fantastic choice for team building or bachelorette parties!

Spirited Art is located in several cities: Huntsville, Knoxville, Richmond, Little Rock, and Chattanooga but similar venues are popping up in many cities. It’s definitely something I recommend to everyone!

So, what do you think? Is this something you’d try out?



The good, the bad, & the ugly:

ImageWhen I first stumbled upon sneakpeeq, I instantly fell in love with it – pop up boutiques in three many categories: Living, Style, and Beauty. You can earn badges for referring friends, for peeqing at prices, or just browsing the site. The badges can earn you discounts and other rewards: $10 off here, free shipping there… What initially got me interested was a deal for a free scarf – it was super cute and I thought oh hey why not. I continued on my happy peeq-ing way.

I placed three orders from sneakpeeq. The first was of course for my free scarf which I ordered on February 16th. There was a notification that there was such a high demand that there would be a delay in shipping. That was fine by me – who am I to fret over something free? It finally came in late April (2 months later), it was the ugliest scarf I’ve ever seen (but again – free – so we’ll continue on) and it was mailed very simply inside a plain brown envelope – no padding, but it didn’t need it so no big deal. (It’s worth noting at this point that according to the website, this order is still “processing.”)

On to my second order! One night I had a $10 off badge and a free shipping badge about to expire so I browsed through the site, there was nothing I really wanted but I did find some charms that I figured could use for something and after my badges, they were free. I ordered those on March 1st, and they arrived on April 16th (my account says this order is also still processing) – 6 weeks? Well okay… still, it was no money out of my pocket. They were packaged in the same brown envelope, no padding or bubble wrap.

Onward! On March 14th, I saw the CUTEST pair of earrings (I posted them here on Pinterest). I was so excited. Well, I pay very close attention to my bank account and noticed I hadn’t been charged in March… or April… or May. Finally in early/mid June I saw the charge and honestly and sadly by now I’d forgotten about the earrings since it’d been three full months since I’d ordered them. So I checked my mail every day… but sadly there were no brown envelopes (I figured by this point if they hadn’t properly packaged things to date, why would they this time?).

5 days ago, I decided to email customer support to try and figure out what the deal was – maybe they’d gotten lost in the mail (for once the status on this order says shipped!). But, I’ve yet to hear back from them….

I’m not sure what I’ll do at this point. It’s really quite a shame because the company has a lot of things going for them – like I said I was instantly addicted to the site. But my experience has been nothing sort of horrible…

So… has anyone else tried with better results? Any other companies that seemed awesome and turned out to be awful? Let me know in the comments!

UPDATE: I finally received a response – check below the jump to read it. I’ve bolded the most amusing parts.

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