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DKMS – Get Swabbed.

A few days ago I saw an article on CNN about a company, Help Remedies, that had teamed up with DKMS to create bandages that include a bone marrow testing kit. The thought behind it is, if you cut yourself – you’d reach for the band aids and remember you could use the swab included to send in a blood sample to the U.S. Bone Marrow Registry: Be The Match. I passed on the bandages, but after some reading, researching, and clicking I ended up here and decided to register.

How it works:

1. Register
2. Get your kit in the mail.
3. Swab your cheeks.
4. Mail it back.
5. Maybe save a life.

It’s as simple as that. Processing the kit does cost $65 – but you are not required to pay that. If you can, I think it’d be great – but you can donate any amount that you are able (and if you are unable, that’s okay too).

Who could this benefit? There are several groups of people that can benefit from bone marrow transplants including people with leukemia, immune disorders, Hodgkin disease, Sickle Cell, and non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (these are just a few, click here for a full list).

Now, I’m not suggesting anyone do this – I think it’s a very personal decision – and even I have to admit sending my cheek cells through the mail is a very odd thing to contemplate… but I figure that if there’s the slightest chance that I could help someone – it’d be worth it for me.Β  I’ve lost several people very close to me to cancer, so this is something that really hits home for me and that’s why I wanted to get a bit more personal than my favorite products and polishes du jour and share this with you all.

And get this… I can tie it back to nail polish. Anyone remember OPI’s I love DKMS collection last year? Polish Wasteland has some great swatches of the two colors: Mani Ways to Help and Red-y For The Cure.

I’ll be swabbing my cheeks and heading to the Post Office tomorrow morning.

Have a lovely Weekend! Look for my response to Alli’s 5 products post this weekend!