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Shopping Diaries: What to Wear to a Golf Tournament

Quail Hallow Country ClubThis will probably sound crazy to most of you but here in Charlotte we have a PGA Tournament (the Wells Fargo Championship, to be exact) here every year. Sure, some people go to see the golf. But on Friday, most people go just for the scene.

This of course means a new outfit is required for the event. Lots of stores here runs sales and specials the weeks before the golf tournament and offer to help you decide what to wear. Golf is (as far as I know…) the only sport that has a dress code for spectators. The basic rule being if you can’t wear it to a country club, you can’t wear it to a golf tournament. This basically means no jeans and no tshirts.

There are many ways to enjoy a golf tournament. If you’re going to be following one player, or group, all day that’s alot of walking. Appropriate attire is (not too short) shorts, comfortable shoes, sunglasses, sunscreen, minimal makeup and a hat. If you’re going to find a spot on the course and camp there all day you can wear cuter shoes and perhaps maybe even a tennis dress or other cotton clothing, but you’re still going to be outside all day.

If you’re going to be a more casual spectator and split your time between the course and the clubhouse, this is where golf tournament fashion can get fun. I’ve been going to PGA tournaments since I could walk and I know not all tournaments are the same. Some tournaments are very casual. The Wells Fargo Championship is not one of those tournaments. Especially on Friday.

For the info on my Friday outfit for this year’s tournament check below the jump!

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Shopping Diaries: Spring Flats

I am a heels girl. Being only 5’4″ I like a little (ok alot of) extra height. Due to this wearing the vast majority of my shoe collection is like walking on stilts. But sometimes a girl (and her feet) just need a break. For awhile I have been looking for some cute flats for Spring. Since I don’t wear flats often, I didn’t want to spend alot of money on them. It’s just not worth it! I’d rather put my money towards a nice pair of heels….

With that in mind, last week as I was leaving Michael’s and I saw a Rack Room Shoes. I used to shop at Rack Room all the time but I probably haven’t been in one in several years and it has been even longer since I have purchased a pair of shoes from there. But I figured, hey, looking can’t hurt!

I ended up finding 2 pairs of flats that I liked. And the best part? They were on sale! Plus, Rack Room always  has a buy one get one half off promotion running.

For more info on these shoes plus more picture check below the jump!

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DIY: Cap Toe Shoes

More Spring trends! Thanks to Chanel, cap toe (or French toe) shoes are huge for Spring. I saw them popping up in department store a couple of months ago and even purchased a pair. Then I thought, hey, I can do that! As luck would have it, pointy toe shoes are also big for Spring.

I had a pair of BCBGirls black pointy toe pumps that I hadn’t worn in years. They just looked a bit dated to me, so they were collecting dust on my shoe rack. I decided to use those for my little experiment. I also had a tube of acrylic white paint so I decided to do a white cap toe.

I absolutely love the way these shoes turned out! How to and more pictures below the jump!

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