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Julep Maven: June 2013 (It Girl)

JulepJune2013 - wrapped Oh my gosh! It’s been months since I’ve gotten a Julep Maven Box. The last one I received was in February when I chose the Boho Glam box. I sent my March box to my sister and I skipped April and May.

When I saw the theme for June, Sail into Summer – The Nantucket Nostalgia Collection, I knew I had to have it! I am a summer girl through and through and the preppy fun colors were an absolute must have.

Generally, I’ve had a good experience with Julep’s beauty extras (still absolutely in love with the Topcoat for Hair), but I had no interest in the DD (EE, FF, GG?) cream so I chose the It Girl Box with two polish add ons (I was like a kid in a candy shop!)

For color descriptions and more pictures, make sure to look below!


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Julep Maven: December 2012 (It Girl) & January 2013 (Bombshell)

JanDecFirst, I’ll start with wishing everyone a happy New Year! 2012 flew by! If you’d like to catch up on some of the highlights of our year, please check out Alli’s 2012 Year in Review post here!

Before I get to those two boxes, I want to assure anyone who was worried about “the case of the missing add-on” from November’s box that it arrived safe and sound, with great turnaround from Julep’s Customer Service department.

Feedback Request: I’d also like to request some feedback from you guys! I’ve started using my Julep Jules (/referral points) to get add-ons for giveaways. I gave away the Glitter & Glow holiday set here and have another 5 piece set and a GORGEOUS trio to giveaway also! The alternative would be to use my points to do periodic box giveaways like I did here in July? Which do you prefer?

If you’re ready to see what I chose for December and January from Julep – click below!

Happy New Year!!


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Julep Maven: November 2012 (American Beauty)

I was over the moon for OPI’s Suede polishes a few years back and just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see how Julep’s Suede finish polishes measured up!

For the first time in a long time I ended up sticking with my normal style: American Beauty. My box included 3 individually wrapped nail polish remover pads, Pink Grapefruit Body Frosting, and 2 suede finish polishes: Amber and Brit.

Now, usually I post my boxes before I’ve had to try every product – but this time I’ve tried and loved every single one. I’ll be doing full polish reviews of Amber and Brit over on The Daily Varnish. I have oodles to say about the products in this box as well as a quick run down of the new Julep Jules reward program so I’d love it if you clicked below to keep reading!

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Julep Maven: June 2012 (Boho Glam)

Can you believe this is my first Julep Maven box? Katie is usually the one who gets the boxes and sends polishes my way on occasion. So I was excited when I received this box in the mail today!

Katie sent this to me as a gift but she did let me pick out which box I wanted. I won’t even lie….I got this box because it has a polished called Daisy. As cliché as it is, The Great Gatsby  is one of my favorite books. How could I pass up the opportunity to have a polish named Daisy?

For the details of all the contents of this month’s Boho Glam box and a promo code to get your first Julep Maven box for a penny check below the jump!

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Nail Mail! May 2012

I came home today to a surprise in my mailbox. A nail mail package from Katie, my fellow polish blogger over on The Daily Varnish. She included so many goodies I just had to share!

Four of the six polishes she sent me are Julep polishes. I have limited experience with Julep so I’m excited to give these a try. Included were Sarah, which I immediately thought would look fabulous over all my coral polishes, Jessica and Portia. She also sent me the Julep basecoat. I didn’t have much luck with their top coat so I’m looking forward to giving the basecoat a try.

Katie also sent me Scandalous. I have no experience with Cult Nails but Katie really loved Toxic Seaweed so I’m looking forward to trying Scandalous out.

The polish I was most surprised to receive was a polish from essence’s holographics collection. I think that collection came out last Summer and I somehow I completely missed it. Hopefully it is as pretty on the nail as it is in the bottle (bottle shot below the jump)!

The last thing Katie sent me has nothing to do with nail polish….but I totally love it. For you fellow wino’s out there you will appreciate this. Pictures below the jump!

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Julep Maven April: It Girl

When the 24th came around, once again I passed on American Beauty – this time in favor of It Girl – I didn’t have much interest in the pedi-cream and I’m a sucker for baby blues and pale pinks!

The packaging was cute, as per usual – the green paper crunchies as I call them were green and remind me of lovely spring grass and the yummy chocolate eggs hidden were a nice touch for Easter – yum! As you can see the box also included a set of toe separators for pedicures!

The box included three polishes: Penelope, Jessica, and Niecy. I have to say I was most excited for Penelope and Jessica. I’m wearing Penelope right now and will be doing a review shortly!

Now that I’ve gotten several Maven boxes: January, February & March, April & 2 mystery boxes: Valentine’s & St. Patrick’s Day …I definitely have to say my opinion of Julep has improved – I’ve had no major problems after my original snafu which you can read about over on The Daily Varnish. I’m glad I’ve continued with the program – I have a lot of swatching to do to catch up though!

If you’d like to try out the Julep Maven Program, feel free to sign up – you can go to Julep.com & take the style quiz and get started!

Since I’m not sure what promo they are currently running I tracked down a few coupon codes to try & I would most definitely wait for a coupon code before starting – they come around so often.

1. COLOR2012 – .01 Intro Box

2. SHAREONMARCH – .01 Intro Box (not sure if it’ll work now that it’s April)

3. WELCOMEMV5 – $5 Intro Box

4. MAVEN5 – $5 Introbox.

I’d love it if you let me know if any of these coupon codes are working at the moment & what style you end up being! Even though I’m “American Beauty,” I’ve switched my style to It girl twice and Boho Glam once. I’ve yet to try Bombshell or Classic with a Twist.

Stay Beautiful!