PISTOL Polish: February 2013

PISTOL polish February DuoAs many of you know I live in Charlotte, NC. And as probably all of you know I’m a bit of a shopoholic. I follow one of my favorite local boutiques on Facebook, The Boulevard at South End, and was very interested when they posted a photo of a new polish brand they recently started carrying called PISTOL polish.

Immediately I punched PISTOL polish into Google and landed on their website. As it turns out, they’re a local Charlotte company that has a nail polish subscription service. For $17.99 a month 2 PISTOL polishes arrive in your mailbox. I’ll pretty much try anything once plus it’s always nice to support a local company so I signed up.

On the 2nd the February duo arrived in my mailbox. The first thing I noticed was the return address. The PISTOL polish offices are located in South End, a part of Charlotte were I spend alot of (ok, way too much) time. I opened up the box and was really happy with the polish colors. Unlike other nail polish subscription services, PISTOL polish doesn’t let you pick what colors you receive. Each month there is a standardized duo and that’s what everyone gets (though, I must point out, PISTOL claims that the “two full-size nail polishes are carefully selected based on color trend studies”).

The packaging is super cute. Not only do I love the little pistol charm on the bottles, the back of the box the duo comes in has a description of each color with a little story. The personality of the company really comes through which I appreciate.

I’ve already tried Firecracker (and completely loved it!). I’ll be doing a full review of that polish on Thursday over on The Daily Varnish. I also did a super cute Valentine’s Day manicure using Firecracker as a base (you can get a sneak peek of that here) that I can’t wait to share!

Below the jump there are pictures of just about everything. The polishes, the packaging, the color stories, etc, etc. Also, I want to point out that PISTOL polishes are made in the US, D4 free and are not tested on animals. Talk about Alli approved.

If you want to learn more about PISTOL polish make sure to check them out on Facebook or Twitter (or both….).

PISTOL polish February Duo back PISTOL polish February Duo pistol PISTOL polish February Duo bottles PISTOL polish February Duo labels PISTOL polish February Duo label


9 responses to “PISTOL Polish: February 2013

  1. The names are fun!

  2. Ugh, just not sure I’d want to pay $9 a polish. I’m doing SquareHue and getting three per month for $14.99, and I’m not sure I could justify the difference in price without it being absolutely amazing polish.

    • I haven’t tried SquareHue and I’ve only tried the one shade from PISTOL so far so I can’t really say how they compare quality wise.

      BTW, according to their website they’ve raised the price to $21 a month. If you’re grandfathered in make sure to stay subscribed!

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