Julep Maven: December 2012 (It Girl) & January 2013 (Bombshell)

JanDecFirst, I’ll start with wishing everyone a happy New Year! 2012 flew by! If you’d like to catch up on some of the highlights of our year, please check out Alli’s 2012 Year in Review post here!

Before I get to those two boxes, I want to assure anyone who was worried about “the case of the missing add-on” from November’s box that it arrived safe and sound, with great turnaround from Julep’s Customer Service department.

Feedback Request: I’d also like to request some feedback from you guys! I’ve started using my Julep Jules (/referral points) to get add-ons for giveaways. I gave away the Glitter & Glow holiday set here and have another 5 piece set and a GORGEOUS trio to giveaway also! The alternative would be to use my points to do periodic box giveaways like I did here in July? Which do you prefer?

If you’re ready to see what I chose for December and January from Julep – click below!

Happy New Year!!


Julep Maven December 2012: It Girl

Side note: This post was delayed because the polish I was most looking forward to arrived all dried out – sad faced! Luckily, Julep once again earned a thumbs up from me in the customer service department and sent me a replacement as soon as I sent them a picture.

The Polishes: For DeDecember12- Polishescember’s Box I chose the It Girl box. It included 3 sparkly shades:

  • Vivien – ‘Champagne bubbles’- a full coverage multi-dimensional gold glitter
  • Ivy – Dynamic sapphire micro-glitter metallic
  • Harper – Full-coverage opalescent mermaid blue multi-dimensional glitter

I’m sure you can guess that I was most excited about Vivien, it’s gorgeous and I can’t wait to review it. I’ve Dec12 - Ring Kitalready been playing around with it and it makes me giddy!

DIY Cabochon Ring: Also included in the December box was a kit and directions for a DIY Cabochon Ring Kit! I haven’t made mine yet, but when I do I will certainly show it off!

How cute is that?

January 2013: Bombshell

January13boxEscape & Unwind. Sounds so perfect right now! I’d love to be sitting on a beach with my toes in the sand with a good book and a good drink just listening to the waves roll in!

Julep is all about the Nudes & Neons trends this month. Each box featured a bright neon paired with a subtle nude shade. I almost passed on this box but I’m glad I didn’t because it was packed with goodies!

  • Swatch Me Stickers: What a great idea! These stickers are a cute way to remind yourself what you need to swatch – for me I’d need a package of about 300…
  • Neon Hair Ties: I love this type of hair tie! Super excited for a pepped up bright pony tail!
  • Hand & Cuticle Stick: If there’s a product I need, it’s a cuticle stick. I can’t wait to try this out and hope it makes a dent in my chronic dry cuticle problem!
  • Ava: Ballet slipper pink frost
  • Bette: Electric neon purple crème

This box seems to be a perfect Katie/Alli split – a neon purple for Alli and a pink frost for me! Could they have pegged us better!? I think not.

So what do you think of these two boxes? If you are already a Julep Maven I’d love to know which style you chose for these two months! Did you stick with your typical style (American Beauty for me) or did you swap out for something different?

Want to be a Maven? If you’re interested in trying out the Julep Maven Program, you can use my referral link here, take the style quiz, and get your first introbox! The boxes cost 19.99 but there are always codes floating about. Currently you can use the code: JULEPVIP to get your introbox for a penny. If you don’t want to keep your subscription you just call them up to cancel by the 24th of any given month.

Also, just a note on the Julep Jules switchover – while the name is cute and clever and I like the ability to choose add-ons using your referral points, there is a crucial different to point out. The old system automatically applied your referral points to boxes until you were out. The Julep Jules system requires you to press a button to “apply Jules” – make sure to do this otherwise you’ll be charged full price.


9 responses to “Julep Maven: December 2012 (It Girl) & January 2013 (Bombshell)

  1. Dang! Wishing I had signed up for the Jan box! I love the swatch idea! I have all mine on pieces of paper that are in no way organized…

  2. Bridget Heiple Reich

    I love both options for the giveaways! I think I would prefer the box instead of add-ons. I know December had an awesome add on (and I was the very lucky winner!! 🙂 ), but besides December, I like the boxes better.

  3. I got the American Beauty December box and love Julia of the two colours. But the neons in January boxes look awesome!

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