Nail Mail! May 2012

I came home today to a surprise in my mailbox. A nail mail package from Katie, my fellow polish blogger over on The Daily Varnish. She included so many goodies I just had to share!

Four of the six polishes she sent me are Julep polishes. I have limited experience with Julep so I’m excited to give these a try. Included were Sarah, which I immediately thought would look fabulous over all my coral polishes, Jessica and Portia. She also sent me the Julep basecoat. I didn’t have much luck with their top coat so I’m looking forward to giving the basecoat a try.

Katie also sent me Scandalous. I have no experience with Cult Nails but Katie really loved Toxic Seaweed so I’m looking forward to trying Scandalous out.

The polish I was most surprised to receive was a polish from essence’s holographics collection. I think that collection came out last Summer and I somehow I completely missed it. Hopefully it is as pretty on the nail as it is in the bottle (bottle shot below the jump)!

The last thing Katie sent me has nothing to do with nail polish….but I totally love it. For you fellow wino’s out there you will appreciate this. Pictures below the jump!


4 responses to “Nail Mail! May 2012

  1. Oh my, the essence one looks so pretty! I can’t wait to see what you do with it.

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